Genetic connectivity Landscape Genetics in Baja California Pollen Covariance Networks in Dogwood International Biological Research Course Sonoran bark beetle <i>Araptus attenuatus</i> phylogeography & landscape genetics. Ecophysiological consequences of cultivar gene escape in flowering dogwood. Using niche models to focus studies of landscape connectivity.

Research: Gene Flow

Research projects in this laboratory are focused on understanding how landscape features influence the movement of genetic material within and between populations, a process known as gene flow.


Teaching: Population Genetics

This fall semester I am teaching BIOL 516 Population Genetics, a graduate course in the mechanisms of genetic change. This is a very `hands on` course where students get to work with a lot of real data.


12 July 2013
Updated R package popgraph to include routines to plot graphs using ggplot2. Pushed to CRAN and will be at a repository near you shortly
10 July 2013
Looks like the lab is back, sending out for technician to look over the equipment that may have been damaged but we can start moving all the work back into the space next week. A huge special thanks go out to Drs. Verrelli and Eckert for their generous use of lab space during this whole episode. Hopefully, this will be the end.
16 May 2013
Unfortunately, today the roof opened up and my lab and office were totally flooded! All work has stopped and the lab has shut down for the time being until the issue can be fixed.
2 May 2013
Congratulations to Angela Redwine! She successfully defended her MS thesis entitled, "Reproduction and functional response of Cornus florida across an urban landscape gradient" today. Great job and we are going to miss her in the lab.